Let's start in Vienna...

Let's start in Vienna...

Melissa and I recently returned from a trip through Austria and Germany. So many amazing sights, sounds and tastes! I have a few blogs planned reviewing the trip, but let’s start out with some eye candy from Austria. Enjoy!!!

The jet-lagged couple enjoys our first evening in Vienna!

Vienna was a lovely city with art, music and great food. We even had the opportunity to paddle board on the Danube! We stayed in the Alt Stadt (or old town) which was central to everything, including the amazing St Stephen’s Church with its unique tile roof

We were lucky to have one of Melissa’s former students, Philipp as a guide. He and his girlfriend, Jenya were kind enough to take some time off to show us around!

Speaking of food, we got to sample traditional Austrian food wherever we travelled.

Melissa wasn’t so keen on the sausage street food!

We did have the amazing opportunity to dine at a restaurant called Steirereck Im Stadtpark. When we were planning the trip, I saw this article in Bloomberg on the Top 100 Restaurants in the world. I immediately got online and booked a reservation. So glad I did - the restaurant certainly lived up to its billing!!!!!

Dinner at Steirereck

Philipp and his mom Karin were kind to show us the Wachau region of Austria, including their hometown of Langenlois. We enjoyed a traditional Austrian meal called a Heurigen which you can read about here.

Our traditional Heurigen meal!

One of the places that our wonderful guides took us to was the medieval town of Dürnstein. It was the first medieval town we would visit, but certainly not our last. It was idyllic, complete with castle ruins to watch over it!

As we wandered through the local church we noticed something unusual on one of the side altars…

A decorated skeleton on a side altar

Skeleton detail from the opposite side altar

Despite the creepy skeletons, it was a beautiful church, inside & out!

The Wachau region is covered with vineyards and we had the opportunity to enjoy some of its bounty. Philipp and his mom are very proud of their little corner of the world!

A couple more photo-favorites before we leave the Wachau…

Spitz, Austria

The beautiful Aggstein Castle

After our wonderful tour, we spent more time in Vienna, exploring the galleries and historic buildings. Enjoy!

And Klimt’s masterpiece, The Kiss

One of my favorite night photos, the Vienna Operahouse

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of our Austria-Germany trip. Next stop is Mozart’s Salzburg and Southern Germany…stay tuned!!!

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