Who is Pete Krull?

So here's the deal. I run a great business where I get to really help people invest their money in a way that's aligned with their values - it's called socially and environmentally responsible investing. We've been around since 2004. Before that, I cut my teeth in the industry at Merrill Lynch.

I'm married to a fantastic woman, Dr. Melissa Booth. She's a scientist, author, amazing travel companion and cat lover. I definitely married up!

At Upper Nauyaca Falls in Costa Rica

At Upper Nauyaca Falls in Costa Rica

We love to travel and spend a lot of time in Costa Rica, but have our sights on several other destinations. Our past trips have taken us to Ireland, Paris, several US National Parks, The Galapagos Islands and many more.

I am a serious amateur photographer and will be sharing lots of my favorite photos on the blog. In addition, I'll share my opinions on investing, green living, good books, entrepreneurship and whatever else seems interesting. I can be opinionated at times - perhaps that's my Buffalo, NY roots. Oh, and I love the Buffalo Sabres hockey team.

I hope you enjoy. And, if you want to learn more about my firm, Earth Equity Advisors, just click here!