What I'm reading today...

What I'm reading today...

I've been wanting to add this blog feature for a long time and resolved this week to do so! My goal is to share the articles, blogs and books that I'm reading three times a week. Enjoy!

The book I'm currently reading is Thomas Friedman's Thank You For Being Late. His latest critique of technology, science and society. He says that technology is moving so fast now that the human mind cannot keep up. I'm about 30% finished and so far would definitely recommend it!

Articles I'm Reading

Former Equifax CIO charged with insider trading - Remember that company that "shared" your public information with hackers? This isn't at all surprising!

SEC Charges Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes with Fraud - More capitalist misdeeds! 

Appeals Court upholds the DOL Rule, but fight continues - Of course the firms fighting the rule know that their products are not in clients' best interests, so the fight goes on.

Bloomberg Sustainable Finance Weekly Brief - One of my favorite sustainability updates to read.

The Road to Deep Decarbonization - It's a long road!

361 Capital Weekly Research Briefing - Some Relief from the Storm... Last week's edition and this week's edition were both very critical of steel and aluminum tariffs.

Physicist Stephen Hawking is dead at 76 - If you haven't seen it, now would be a good time to check out the movie, The Theory of Everything.

Clean Energy Pioneers Earn Double the Returns of Fossil Fuel Firms - Imagine that!!!

A Bill of Rights for Clean Water

VW Pours $25 Billion into Batteries, Challenging Tesla - The EV market continues to grow.

Strong Performance by Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania House Race Shakes GOP & Trump  - Midterms will definitely be interesting!

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Visiting Boruca

Visiting Boruca

Welcome Back to the blogosphere!

Welcome Back to the blogosphere!