Harvey, Climate Change & Development

Harvey, Climate Change & Development

The impact of Hurricane Harvey on the Gulf Coast has been devastating! I see story after story of people struggling to survive - mostly because of the massive amount of rain inundating the coastal areas.

There have been a number of articles critical of massive coastal development like we see in Houston and also suggesting that climate change is playing a role in the severity of the storm. I think it's worth considering that we as a society have some responsibility in this and future disasters because of uncontrolled growth, aversion to regulations and a lack of political will to address climate change on a grand scale.

Here are some articles to learn more...

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Of course, the location of major chemical plants and refineries on Texas' coast doesn't help things either. One more reason why we believe in fossil fuel divestment...

Hurricane Harvey damages petrochemical refineries, releasing thousands of pounds of airborne pollutants - NPR

Explosions at flooded Texas chemical plant leave confusion over toxic risk - The Guardian

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